Taking best creatine supplements has it’s pros and cons – learn more!

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pros and cons of creatinePros and Cons of taking Creatine

Performance improvement needed in high intensity activities especially in a sport like bodybuilding. Many supplements taken for this purpose in addition to other benefits. Increasing performance limiting-step is ATP production, ATP is the energy coin in the human cells including muscle’s cells. The fact is, the better the quality of supplement you use the better results you will see. Therefore we simply recommend getting the best product, for example best creatine on the market in 2014 might be a good choice.

Creatine increases the production rate of ATP, which in turn increases performance up to 15%.

Creatine produced by the body and obtained from foods like fish and meat (about 1g daily).  When you obtain it as an external supplement, tolerance occurs and creatine carrier protein undergone down regulation which decreases its effect according to one study on rats.

The good news for hyperlipidemic people who have cholesterol above 200 mg/dl that creatine decreases cholesterol by 5% (not a high value) while triglycerides and LDL decreased by 20% (a significant value) according to a study in 1996.

Some diseases caused by weakened muscle including:

  • Huntington’s disease
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Heart failure
  • heart attack
  • muscular dystrophy

best creatine supplementStudies made for creatine effect for treating those diseases but further studies needed to confirm.


Creatine has different interactions to other drugs like diabetes medications (Insulin and tablets or any drug or supplement affecting blood sugar level), acetaminophen, and diuretics. There may be serious interaction, therefore, before taking creatine consult your doctor if you are using any of these drugs and according to your health state, he can decides.

Some supplements contain creatine with other ingredients. Ingredients may be fillers (just to maximize the powder size) or have a real benefit to the bodybuilding player (key ingredient). However, you have to be able to differentiate between different ingredients and evaluate them according to your needs, health and medical condition.

Most of bodybuilding supplements have magnificent photos of professional body building players to emphasis buyer enthusiasm. However, always check the amount of supplement per serving size and calculate it based on 4000 calories (not 2000). After some simple calculations, you may find big supplement bag with economic price is more expensive than smaller package of another product.

All creatine products contain creatinine, which is a product of creatine hydrolysis and may reaches in some products up to 50% decreases its value as creatine product.


Creatine not recommended for

  • People with diabetes
  • People with liver disease
  • People with kidney disease
  • Children under age 18
  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing women


Creatine may be helpful in sports other than bodybuilding; in one study, it helps teenage swimmers for a better performance.

Although the safe dose of creatine is 3g per day but it does not matter how healthy you are, let your doctor know about your intentions to decide whether taking it or not.

If you are taking creatine, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration as creatine tends to over hydrate muscles.


Being a natural substance does not mean it is very safe, some side effects may rise like:

  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain (may be an advantage for skinny people)
  • Breathing difficulty or rash (linked to hypersensitivity and asthma)
  • Fever and heat intolerance
  • Muscle cramping
  • Headache
  • Kidney problems ( therefore it forbidden for kidney diseased people)
  • Nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea and Stomach upset (GIT disturbances as intestine has muscles too!)







Relation between Whey Protein Shakes and Weight Loss in 2014

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Whey Protein and weight loss

Whey protein shakeWeight loss is one of the benefits of using Whey protein. It is derived from dairy product-cheese, made up of a combination of proteins, lactose and minerals. In a study published in 2008 ‘Journal of Nutrition and metabolism’ found people who used this supplement lost more fat that those who didn’t use but had the same diet. In addition with the studies conducted, it may help reduce stress, support healthy serotonin levels-bringing the feelings of well-being. It helps an active individual maintain lean muscle mass hence the wide use by athletes and bodybuilders.

Reasons as to why it can reduce the weight:

Low in calories

Calories are the number one cause for gaining weight. Unlike similar proteins, it is relatively low in calories, making it more suitable for building muscles while maintaining mass. One scoop of the powder form contains around 20 g protein,1-2 g fat and carbohydrates and 100 calories. A normal person as recommended by the U.S Department of Agriculture should take 1800-2400 for women and 2400-3000 of calories for men-as they usually need more than women. If you have three scoop servings throughout the day, you will only have indulged in 300 calories which can be topped up by the food you take.

Intake before meals

This method has been tested and proved that the belly feels full after taking this supplement. The macronutrients found in protein bring the sense of filling. This will help the person not to take any more calories into the body.

Substituting a meal

Whole food meals can contain a lot of calories and carbs, but by replacing one meal per day could help in losing mass. Whey as mentioned is low in in these, and by replacing the meal, it still gives the user the same nutrients.

Burns fat

weight loss with proteinFor active people, drinking this supplement pre-work out supports fat burning. It delivers amino acids during training and increases protein oxidation, preserving fat burning. Those who gain mass as a result of using this supplement, do so by gaining muscle mass and reducing body fat.

Nutrient benefits

Whey-protein as a by-product of dairy products, contains calcium which is associated with reduction in body weight and fat. Calcium influences energy metabolism by helping to regulate metabolism in fat cells.

High- protein diet generally reduces energy intake resulting in reducing gaining of body weight. For instance whey is more effective that animal food such as red meat.

How to make protein shake for women

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What is Protein Shake ?

women drinking shakeProtein is one of the main and most important building blocks of the body. The amino acids in protein are an essential part of building healthy tissue, like muscle, bone, skin etc. They also create antibodies and help form new blood cells.

Protein Shake is a good source of protein. It is often used by athletes. It may be combinations of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The can range from 100% protein to mostly carbohydrates with a little protein and fat.

Making your protein smoothie isn’t complicated, actually you can see how Protein Shakes For Women World did it, they show you tons of interesting info regarding protein supplements for women as well as what protein powder to choose. Great stuff really!

It may be in powder form or in ready-to-drink packages such as cans or foil packs with a variety of flavors.

This article will tell you `how you can make your own protein shake’.

Benefits of Protein Shake?

If made correctly it can help you to:

  • Faster recover after a workout
  • Increase percentage of lean muscle.
  • Act as a healthy replacement of a meal.

How much protein do you need?

It is recommended that, the protein requirement of healthy adults is about 45 to 55g per day or 0.75g per kg BW.

Procedure of Preparation:


  • Non fat milk — 1 cup (soy milk,  skim milk, flavored water additives, fruit juice or water also OK)
  • Isolated  whey protein —- 1 scoop (20g)
  • Frozen banana —1 in no. (Break the frozen banana into smaller pieces)

Nutritional Informationhealthy protein shakes for women 2014

  • Energy — 330 calories
  • Protein — 33g
  • Carbohydrate  — 51g
  • Fat — 1.5g


  1.  Select the base of your drink, such assoy milk,  skim milk, flavored water additives fruit juice or water( basically the liquid you want).
  2. Add whey protein powder.
  3. Add broken up frozen banana
  4. Add any supplements you feel you may need such as Vitamin C, Glutamine etc.
  5. Blend it all together.  Immediately start blending before banana chunks stick together.
  6.  Continue to blend at maximum speed for about 2-3 minutes until nice and creamy.
  7.  Delicious, creamy shake is ready for consumption.
  8.  Enjoy.


If your shake is too runny:

  • add more frozen banana
  • add less liquid

If the shake is not creamy:

  • add more whey powder

Things You’ll Need

  • One Large Blender
  • Measuring cup (optional)

Warningsbest protein shakes for women

  • Make sure the dosage of protein is not exceeding your needs.
  • Remember to use Ingredients  that has not passed its expiration date
  • Use Blender correctly. Misused can cause injury. Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual.
  • Never put your hand or face into a running blender.
  • There is no need to add extra sugars. You will have enough sweets with fruits.


  • If you make shakes regularly, you can alternate your ingredients. This will ensure many of the 20 common types of amino acid in your diet that you need.
  • It is best to have your protein 20-30 minutes before or after your workout.



Top 10 Worst Foods for Weight Loss

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helps in weight loss

Are you decided to weight loss? Here I discuss about top ten worst foods for weight loss. If you are serious for lose weight then you should avoid these food at any cost. These are the truly worst foods to eat if you want to maintain a lean, healthy body and lose weight.

This does not mean, you have stick restriction to eat these foods, it simply means that you should only avoid making a regular part of your diet because it may be hamper you weight loss efforts.

  1. Fried Potatoes


Study shows that, the people who consumed potatoes almost every day in any form, increase weight about a pound on average over 4 years.

Due to high amount of fat fried potatoes are worse for overall health.


Better Option: Swap potatoes


  1. Meats


Processed meats like salami are high in fat, which is mostly saturated. Due to fat, these are also high in calories and contribute to weight gain. Study shows that, there is a relation between red meat consumption and weight gain.


Better Option: Choose lean meats and cut visible fat.


  1. Soda and energy drinks


Specialist suggest that, sugar sweetened soda should be avoid because of high sugar and calories content and there is little to no nutritional value.


Similarly, energy drinks supply a large amount of calories and no true nutrition value.


Better Option: Sugar free sodas or water flavor with a little lime or lemon juice


  1. Refined Grains


Study shows that, a high consumption of refined grains is associated with increase in weight gain. Food made from refined grains like white bread increase blood sugar levels rapidly with short time, which can increase hunger and food intake. It is also lower in nutrient than whole grains.


Better Option: Food base on whole grains.


  1. Mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce


These kind of foods contain a huge amount of fat. A 100g of mayonnaise contains about 75-80g of fat and hollandaise provide about 15g of fat. If you want to weight loss you should avoid coleslaws and tuna salad, dishes based on these foods.


Better Option: Use low fat yogurt with lemon


  1. Ice cream and Cream


Cream contains a variety of fat depending on the type. Half and half weighs in at about 10-18% fat and double cream can contain 40% fat. Ice cream not only contains fattening cream, but also sugars and eggs yolks, indicate high in calories.


Better Option: Choose low sugar and fat ice creams or sorbets, that are water based.


  1. Chocolate, cakes and candy


These foods are high in sugar, fat and calories and normally provide a little amount of nutritional benefit. The average 100g chocolate contains about 25 to 30g fat, which is double than recommended for most people.


Better Option: Choose other sweet treats like fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt etc.


  1. Fried foods


Fried foods contain a large amount of calories in oil form. It may also contain harmful trans fat. A 100g serve of French fries can supply about 42g fats when fried in oil.


Better Option: Lower fat cooking method like grilling, oven baking with minimal oil.


  1. Fast Food


Fast food is harmful for dieters in many ways. It contains a high content of fat, definitely saturated and unhealthy fats and possibly trans fat too. It also contain a high amount of sugar.


Better Option: Make fast food at home using healthy ingredients such as whole grain buns, lean meat, low fat ingredients etc.


  1.  Butter, lard and other animal fats


These foods contain a large amount of calories. One table spoon of butter contains about 102g calories.


Better Option: Unsaturated fats like olive or canola oil.